RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon Promotion

A flight in the RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon is a truly unique and memorable experience which will be remembered by participants for years.

Use the tools and suggestions provided below to ensure you promote the RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon appearance and make the most of this unique branding experience.

• Ensure your entire office is notified of the upcoming Balloon appearance
• Show your clients you appreciate them by inviting them to participate
• Release an ad in your local newspaper or radio station about the appearance. Please ensure any advertising states that the Hot Air Balloon appearance is weather permitting.
• If possible, invite a local celebrity for a flight in the Balloon. (Note: This will also need to be coordinated with the Balloon Pilot)
• Associate the Balloon appearance with one of the RE/MAX Charities (Children's Miracle Network or Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation)
• Distribute RE/MAX branded material to all guests attending the appearance. Use the logos and graphics we have provided below

RE/MAX Balloon QR Code

Instructions to use the QR Code:

• Right click and save the picture file to your computer.
• Place image onto files and documents when you want to direct guests to from their mobile devices. Example: Place QR Code for on your event posters when the Balloon will be present.
• Ensure image size is large enough that a mobile device will recognize the image.
• Download a 2D scanner software such as on your mobile device.

Balloon Logo

The official vertical RE/MAX Balloon in photo/graphic style. Click on any of the 4 options to download the Balloon Logo.

EPS | JPG (Color)

EPS | JPG (Black & White)


When promoting your next event, please be sure to use the Official RE/MAX Logo with the Official Brand Colours.