Stone Island Clothing With investment in their highly regarded advanced colour laboratory and fabric research premises, Stone Island Jacket stands out as a uniquely experimental company and instantly recognisable worldwide and has developed into a brand whose customer's come to rely on for high quality wearable product. John Anthony have been a long standing stockist of Stone Island jackets, sweatshirts, jumpers, jeans and polo shirts.

Stone Island accident was founded, as we have said, it was in 1982. At that time, the company called CP Company, is that it gave birth to the brand. CP Company is considered the father of all Italian casual wear brands. It's "subtitled" for the "Massimo Osti creativity", Massimo was born in Bologna a graphic designer and intellectuals. Mid-1970s, he was one of the first people interested in alternate uniforms, he understood the Italian antiques market in the enormous cultural wealth. Ancient Go to today, where the past has witnessed numerous ancient and modern army. Massimo is the first study of the functional characteristics of these garments person, His finishing classify different version of the type of clothing, pockets, fasteners and clothing accessories, and to study the effect of Stone Island Hat worn appearance and full of flavor faded history Color effects.

To re-create these garments, he perfected located in the province of Modena Ravarino area a sophisticated garment dyeing laboratory and Some printers. He started studying the structure of materials and preparation, and then integrate Stone Island UK, add the coating, and then to change the finished garment dyeing.amed for their iconic men's Stone Island Jeans, Stone Island create functional outerwear that strives to use new and innovative materials. Pushing the boundaries of contemporary outerwear, the brand have pioneered new fabrics including reflective and hear-responsive materials in the design of their jackets. The Autumn/Winter collection focuses on the classic Stone Island Jackets, alongside a selection of colourful T-shirts and knitwear, all featuring the instantly recognisable Stone Island Online compass badge.

He started studying the structure of materials and preparation, and then integrate them, add the coating Stone Island Outlet, and then to change the finished garment dyeing. One day, a special material emerged: a heavy truck tarpaulins, which side is red, the other side is blue. What is it used for? In order to make it into the fabric of clothing, he put Cheap Stone Island in the washing machine in the stone a few hours, and then softened its organizational structure by smoothing process. The first prototype has a magical effect, but Stone Island Store is all the company's products and CP is completely different, do not fall within the mark range. So, we finally decided to use this unique fabric production seven coats, called "TelaStella", and give this series named: Stone Island